Finnish Satellite Workshop 2019


More information coming soon, stay tuned!

Registration opens in November

About The Event

The Satellite Workshop is coming this year, too! It's a meeting place for professionals in the northern european space tech field.

The entrance to the workshop is free of charge, but a registration is needed. Registration is opening soon! If you are interested in speaking at the event, feel free to contact us!


Otaniemi, Finland


Three days in January 2019

Stay tuned for the schedule

Finnish Space Program

With Aalto-1, Finland became a space faring nation.

Now is the time to create continuation for the great start. Finland is a small country and we have to collaborate to create a great Finnish Space Program.

Come to the workshop to create history with us.

New Space

Companies and business are essential in our space strategy

The Finnish Space Program is based around innovation and commercial utilization of space. Come hear how the space technology can help your business!


Otaniemi, Espoo

Three days in January 2019

Stay tuned for the schedule

250 Available Seats

Fully booked

Free Coffee

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